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What do we do?

Although our day to day work is focused on the manufacture of parts and / or structures under specific design it is important to highlight the excellent design capacity of our technical office department.

Thanks to the experience and training of our team, we offer our customers optimum design solutions where they are needed.

METAL FABRICATION - Design and Manufacture of tools and special parts

- Design of clamping tools, handling and transport of different parts

- Complete solutions with integration of different manufacturing technologies.

- Design and manufacture of units of special parts.

METAL FABRICATION - Manufacture of metal sets to specific designs and drawings /plans

- Materials:
Carbon steel
Stainless Steel
Specialist materials

- Small and medium series

- Maximum weight 6Metric Tons

- Metal fabrication, welding, machining, heat and surface treatments.

Manufacturing and Assembly of Structures In-Situ